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Northwick House

18 Owls Road Boscombe

Bournemouth BH5 1AF

Manager Geeta Pandya

(available during daytime office hours)

9 Self-contained single person flats - consisting of lounge, bedroom, kitchen, toilet and shower cubicle.

The accommodation offers fitted carpets to lounge and bedroom and suitable flooring to kitchen and toilet and shower room. The kitchen has a cooker and fridge.

Free off street parking


You are responsible for:

Council Tax

Electricity Meter (no gas supplied)

Contents insurance - T.V. Licence

Household furnishings- curtains etc. and cleaning your own accommodation. You contribute towards communal heating*, cleaning* and lighting*.  

We are responsible for maintenance of:

Communal heating and lighting, cleaning,

Water utility.

We are also responsible for:


Building Insurance/maintenance

Window cleaning

Cctv surveillance (building perimeter)

Average weekly rental £114.00

plus service charge*      £14.00

Total weekly rental      £128.00


Stourwood House

Sheltered accommodation

12 Stourwood Road Southbourne

Bournemouth BH6 3QP

Manager Graham Carter.  Asst Sandy Bailey-Burnley

(available during daytime office hours)

24 hour assistance with personel alarm direct to manager and assistant.

12 single person bedrooms with en-suite facilities 

The accommodation offers fitted carpets to bedroom and suitable flooring to en-suite facilities.


You are responsible for:

Contents insurance

Household furnishings and cleaning

We are responsible for


High tea

Council tax

Heating, Lighting and water utilities

Communal cleaning and furnishings


24 hour assistance

Building Insurance

Window cleaning

Garden maintenance

cctv surveillance (building perimeter)


Average weekly rental £200.00  

Columbia House is wholly owned by the Housing Association and managed by Homes4let

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